Sap Pi Sender Agreement

Integration scenario: – Here, we model the integration scenario and process flow between the transmitter system and the receiver in the project landscape. The shipping agreement links the outgoing interface to the transmitter channel in the classic scenario, like the «Incoming Processing» tab of the integrated configuration object. How to deal with this situation. Jdbc sender. So why does one of B-IP`s calls suddenly use the WS channel when there is no shipping agreement? What other configuration could this cause? Communication channels: – We set the rules for processing messages during incoming or outgoing processing. A communication channel defines the type and configuration of the adapter used during inbound or outbound processing. Communication channels are defined in enterprise systems/services. There are two types of Communication Channel transmitter communication channels (which contains the configuration data of a transmitter adapter) and the receiver communication channel (contains the configuration data of a receiver adapter). The configuration of the communication channel is as follows.

Receiver identification: – Determinator identifies one or more receivers for a specific combination of transmitter and outgoing interface. The image shows a graphic view of the recipient`s determination. If in the jdbc channel, I use SELECT query only and no UPDATE query – will it work? What happens when 100 records are in view and PI failed after recovering 43 records. it will be selected from the 44th record the next time it will restart from 0? I think your switch from single to double stack so sees the shipping agreement. ? At least the name of the interface and the sending service must be qualified in the shipping agreement. All other fields are optional under the general rules for defining shipping agreements. Business System/Service: – Business systems/services are logical senders or recipients who exchange messages and have entered the system landscape directory. The business systems in the systems landscape directory refer to a systemic landscape. A business system is a way to more accurately indicate a communication component in the integration directory (a component of the business system). As part of the trading system, we define the communication channels of transmitters and receivers. Information Interface: – Message interfaces are three types – Outbound Interface, Inbound Interface and Abstract Interface. Outgoing interfaces are used to communicate with XI, which receives messages from senders.

XI uses incoming interfaces to deliver messages to recipients. Abstract interfaces are used for communication between integration servers and ccBPM. Other interfaces can be classified as asynchronous and synchronized according to the message flow. I checked the configuration in IP and sxi_cache in B. I assumed that either would display a sending agreement with the WS channel (for the wrong confirmation message from B to PI) and that something in it would be misconfigured. But there isn`t one! No shipping agreement in IP and none in sxi_cache, and the xi-hide is up to date. Sending agreement: – the transmitter agreement defines a link between the transmitter`s communication channel and the outgoing interface.