Learning Pod Agreements

Here are some helpful tips to keep your pod learning students and teachers safe this year. Other safety instructions to keep your learning capsule safe can be provided with CDC policies for the safe reopening of schools and child care or: chop PolicyLab: Doors to Childcare Safe. In July, the Times asked readers who were planning to form a learning capsule why they were doing this. The main reason for the 100 readers who responded was the safety against coronavirus. Many parents and teachers said they wanted their children to have german-human social interaction and education. Some parents with young children said they were concerned that their children did not have the attention to do for online learning, and they thought a teacher could help. It is essential to wash your hands regularly or use disinfectants to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Make sure all the kids in your learning pod have plenty of breaks during the day (and before and after snacks and lunch) to wash their hands. If soap and water are not readily available in your learning room, be sure to provide hand-disinfectants throughout the area. We provide a template for a social contract (or «Pod Accord») for families who are interested in forming a learning pod to discuss and agree on their social norms.

Once this social contract is in place, we will officially write the learning capsule and start hiring a teacher for the socket. For K-7 classes, a Steve-Kate counsellor can take care of up to four children. Consultants can provide distance learning support and bring a bag of provisions to guide playful learning for the balance of the day. Snacks and extra lunches. Pay for the days you need: $320 per day for a full day or $200 per half day (per pod). Website > Some Facebook groups linked to pods have discussed inviting low-income children into sockets and subsidizing their costs, but sociologists warn that this practice could be a source of friction and ill will. Instead, people might consider donating to families who started online to cover the cost of learning capsules for low-income families for one of the many fundraisers. Organizations such as the Black Education Pods Mutual Assistance Fund have been established to provide support courses for low-income people. For learning pods that plan to hire a teacher, it is also important to have an on-site backup plan so that the teacher feels able to stay at home if he is not well.

We answer frequently asked questions about the salary sheet and employee compensation in order to simplify the process of your learning session. This policy can be used to determine where your learning pod will meet and how many families you can stay in. It is also important to respect the policies of your local public health department in The View on Group Meetings. In Philadelphia, for example, no indoor meeting should be larger than 25 people. Smaller groups are probably safer. If you consider the size of your learning capsule, it is important to ensure that there is enough space for all participants to keep 6 feet apart while you move to work when you move around the learning room and sit for snacks and meals.