Katherine Town Council Enterprise Agreement

NT President Dr. Paul Vogel said the implementation of the performance agreement, instead of pursuing prosecutions, would bring long-term benefits to Katherine residents. See ntepa.nt.gov.au/your-business/compliance-and-regulation/performance-agreements Katherine Town Council has now entered into a performance agreement with NT EPA under Section 66 of the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act 1998, as a preferred compliance and enforcement measure in this area. «The tire fire incident and NT EPA`s response reinforce the need for all boards to ensure that waste is actually exploited. The performance agreement requires Katherine Town Council: «The lawsuit would not have resulted in what this agreement did, which is a very positive and long-term outcome for the Community of Katherine.» Katherine City Council`s commitments under the agreement will put Katherine at the forefront of waste planning and management in the NT. Implement in a timely manner the measures identified in the waste management strategy and report improvements made based on performance targets and defined action points. An inspiring story about Dr. Aly Knell, who fell in love with the Northern Territory, is currently working for Sunrise Health. Australia`s innovative exporters and investors are now contributing to… The position of Women`s Health Coordinator is based in Katherine, but regularly visits all Sunrise communities to assist staff at these clinics with women`s Health Services. This includes: «The Air Quality Monitoring Station will provide Katherine residents with real-time data on the quality of Katherine`s air environment during the fire season, as well as a better understanding of the potential impact on Katherine residents.

Develop a council-controlled waste management strategy for the Katherine region that sets out clear measures, timetables and budgetary means to address a number of waste management issues and challenges; and Sunrise Health Service Aboriginal Corporation (SHS) is an independent community-controlled health service, whose general management and management are defined by a board made up of representatives from the region`s isolated Aboriginal communities. Every large community in the region has a Community Public Health Committee (CHC) that will be increasingly oriented towards orientation at the local level. CFCs support and advise the local health centre to integrate local cultural values and practices into the planning and implementation of services. Sunrise has a very broad vision of basic health care, pursues a philosophy of community participation and places a strong emphasis on coordination of care. Work with others to provide acute care and emergency and emergency care. «The lawsuits would have diverted resources from the Katherine area where they are needed and could unfairly penalize taxpayers with hefty fines and legal fees.» Katherine City Council has already spent significant amounts of money and will have to spend more to continue the rehabilitation of the tire fire. This result requires Katherine City Council to significantly and continuously improve its environmental performance and to provide environmental and health benefits to the Community. GPs should work as part of a multidisciplinary team led by the Director of Public Health and Planning (DPHP).