Copyright Assignment Agreement Template India

i. Prevention of the nude license: During the granting of a trademark license, the conditions of use must be specific and clear. If a license allows the unbridled use of a brand without quality assurance measures, such a license amounts to a «naked license».» The clause must also state that the mark can only be used with respect to the goods and services mentioned in the agreement. Quality control is essential to protect the interests of both the licensee and the end user of the product. Copyright tasks make it easy to transmit copyrighted works. They contain all the information necessary to register the transfer to the U.S. Copyright Office if one or both parties wish to do so. However, registration with the U.S. Copyright Office is not absolutely necessary, although it is a good way to ensure that everything goes smoothly with the attribution of copyright. 1.4.1. Options purchase contracts: these agreements are usually concluded between the author of the book and a producer. The contract gives the buyer the opportunity to use a transfer or license at a later date to make film/television/digital adaptations of the book. For example, A, the author of a book, can enter into an options purchase agreement with B who wants to shoot the book.

The option purchase contract will give B some time frame for some preliminary work, such as reviewing the feasibility of the project, obtaining funds, etc. At the end of the option period, B may exercise the option and give it away or give it accommodation rights. As a general rule, an option fee is offered to the author for the period during which the client maintains the option. Once the option is exercised, the parties can enter into an assignment or a licensing agreement. 1.1.8. Production of TV/webses/other programs/online content: all agreements described in points 1.1.1 to 1.1.8 are used for the production of other content. However, the manner in which the investigation period is divided and held by the IP may vary depending on the circumstances and circumstances of the case. Suppose, for example, that XYZ Pvt. Ltd produces a stand-up comedy special with a renowned comedian M. P. The parties may agree that the content will be written, directed and therefore owned by Mr. P and that XYZ Pvt.

Ltd. will only cover a commission and a portion of the turnover. i. In order to protect the interests of the producer, the agreement with the composer and the editor must contain a clause clearly stating that all stages of the investigation period in musical and literary works belong to the producer. iii. There must be a clause allowing the franchisor to terminate the contract if the mark is used in a manner that would discredit the franchisor`s operations. 1.2. Marketing agreement: A marketing agreement allows a third party a limited right to display the licensee`s trademarks during the marketing, advertising and sale of products owned by the licensee. 1.5.1. Platform licenses for user-generated content: If the software is such that it allows the creation, storage and delivery of user-generated content, the entity that authorizes the software must also take a license from each user to store and broadcast user-generated content.