Comic Book Collaboration Agreement

The templates for collaborators of the agreement is not as simple as other agreements, but there are a few websites and researchers out there who can help you. The Pocket Lawyer for Comic Book Creators (Book) – Thomas A. Crowell Esq. If you have never entered into a contract, you may be cautious or even negative about it. «Why should I take care of a contract? I`m not a Marvel comic book publisher. I just want to follow my project for the love of art with an artist who takes care of me as much as I do. How can you not put your child in a different state without the consent of the other parents, right? And so copyright laws assume that you`ll both be able to do a lot of different things with this comic without getting permission from other people, and there`s only a few limited things and that`s primarily the license of the comics for an exclusive purpose and I`ll go back in a second on what it means , but that is the only thing that copyright law requires you to authorize the other person. Will some of the work be created as a loan plant? If this is the case, a written agreement with all independent contractors is required. Does staff intend to be co-written as part of the resulting work? If this is not the case, this should be explicitly done for the project. Obviously, the top is a selection of copyright issues that arise from the collaboration in the comic book. The lawyer`s objective should be to establish a cooperation agreement that covers not only rights issues, but also profit-sharing, expenses, termination rules and other joint issues of any cooperation or partnership. Thomas A.

Crowell. Thomas is a partner at the New York law firm Of Lane Sash and Larrabee, LLP, and advises clients on a wide range of entertainment and intellectual property rights issues – in practice, from the comic book publishing house to film, television, music and graphics. He is also a co-founder and director. If you want to buy it from publishing houses, who do you think of? The YA comic strip, which you take in pictures, will be very different from a comic book that you take in part in boom. I`ve made contracts that deal with hundreds of dollars, but I`ve also made it smaller, as a friend of mine right now is ultimately a $50 project for me. In both cases, I was pleased that the terms were in light black and white. Contracts don`t take «magic» in the creation, and concluded or not, you`ll both be happy that you were up. I am not suggesting that this is a definitive explanation for a comic book contract; Do what works best for you and your staff! I hope this will bring good ideas to your next project. Are third-party rights allowed outside of cooperation? In this case, licensing agreements must be established in writing.